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UnionWorld Network

UnionWorld Network


The UnionWorld Network is pleased to present:

Minecraft v1.10+ Hub -
Farming Valley v0.9.1 - - UPDATED on 21st Nov!
FTB Beyond v1.11.0 -
Horizons 3 v1.3.0 - - NEW! UPDATED on 6th Dec!
Direwolf20 v1.12.1 -
Sky Factory v3.0.15 -
Invasion v1.0.9 -

These modpacks brings the best to minecraft and it ain't easy, if you're looking
for a challenging experience with unlimited possibilities come and give us a try, we offer a
solid dedicated server with excellent specs and active staff to ensure your gameplay is as lag free as

Our rules are fairly straight forward and based on common sense.

-Be Respectful to your fellow players.

-Do not steal, grief or otherwise ruin the enjoyment of others.

-Any exploitations, including but not limited to, X-rays, client hacks, duping and the such (previous and current) will result in an instant ban.

-Please be responsible and thoughtful with animal farms, machines and such.

-Please keep chat clean.

-Please chat in the appropriate channels.

Please check out our website for further information or dive straight in!

really I have to buy some thing in your shop to make something in game draconic evolution oh sorry you have to buy all this stuff to make one tool if your that desperate then yea no wonder your review on here is 2.3 why did I waste my time on your server if icant make half of the stuff
Posted 13th Feb 2018
perfect just perfect.

perfect language
The server replied:
Glad you're enjoying it :)
Posted 1st Apr 2017
some items (for example enderquarry, wyvren armor, draonic armor) can't be crafted... you can only obtain it from buying it in the shop for real money
The server replied:
The Ender Quarry is an offline chunk loader, the draconic items are destructive and bypass protections.
Suffice to say we sell 'Rank Titles' and 'Website Points', we don't 'sell' items.
Website Points can be gotten for free through a signup bonus and other promotions.
Posted 29th Mar 2017