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Oceanus Lunaris [Ultimate 1.1.2] [Anti-Grief] [Fac


-General Information-

Oceanus Lunaris is a small, yet active, gaming team that revolves around Minecraft. We have staff that are willing to help you out with any situation as well as some of the top plugins to give you the best playing experience.

There's no need to worry about getting griefed or stolen from here at Oceanus Lunaris. With a combination of Factions, LWC and CoreProtect - as well as a great staff team, your belongings are perfectly safe with us.

*Note - There has been a little confusion with our use of Factions. This is not a PvP server, we use Factions for its grief protection and fun features.

-Why choose us?-

You might be thinking that we're just any old server, but we have a variety of unique features that put us apart from the rest. Just a few of these include:

MCPC+ -- A fusion of Spigot and Forge, this server software delivers the best performance possible while still supporting mods such as Feed the Beast.

Community -- We are a small, community oriented server. We like to maintain a mature atmosphere, problem players are quickly dealt with and the staff are always there to help.

Staff -- Our staff team is very dedicated, should a problem with the server ever arise, you can feel sure that it will be quickly fixed and any damage repaired.

-The Rules-

We take rule breaking very seriously on our server. Our staff are very respectful, but also brutal when it comes to punishment. We only have a short set of rules that we expect our players to follow -

No Griefing
No Stealing
No Harassment
No Spamming
No Hacking
Have common sense

Why not check out our website to keep up to date with all the latest news at

Also, take a look at our youtube channel for the latest server showcases and let's plays at

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