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Ascension|Monster 1.1.1|Open|Pve| Enabled Mods


Welcome to the mountainous world filled with immense geothermic pressure causing for their to be far more volcanos piercing the sky than one would find on earth. To the north lies the vast white desert which has not been explored in any depth, all that is known is that it extends for quite the distance, as for what exists past the mountains of snow is unknown even to the highest powers in the land. To the south, west, and east lies far more temperate but no less mountainous terrain.


Welcome to the Ascension server, this will be a Player verses Environment based server with the hopes that some great projects/works will arise from the cooperation encouraged between players. Dare to do things never before done, with 193 mods in the pack surely there are contraptions never before contemplated or designed.

There are only a few differences separating this pack from the standard monster server.

Mods Disabled:

Mods Enabled:
A map of your choice!


  1. No griefing
  2. No stealing
  3. No hacking
  4. No advertising
  5. Don't impersonate staff
  6. Don't bypass protections
  7. No racism
  8. No pvp
  9. These rules are subject to editing!

Banned items: Most of these only apply to over world, since they bypass protections

  1. Mining Turtles, Quarries, Mining Lasers, etc
  2. Rocket Launcher
  3. Nukes

The server ram is 4gigs so it should be able to contain the community we want until there is a need to expand! We are looking for fairly active members who will be a part of a hopefully growing community that will create some true monstrous marvels of engineering.

Note: Every 12 hours you may use /kit prot to gain a guardian stone in order to grow a protection for free based on how often you login.

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