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Eternal-Craft < /home & /setregion & more! >< (Not


Hello, This is Deathnote12!
Welcome to Eternal-Craft.
We have permissions, protection and many more commands!
we hope you have a good time on the server, it is running on
10GB Of RAM atm And there's no lag as far as I know! :D
Agebooks are disabled and for your OWN private world you can donate which comes with several other stuff!
(Donating isn't set up yet so bare with us. XD)

!!Important Note!!: Server is NOT 24/7 yet!

AND please, upvote for Drop Parties every Sunday!


-No PvP By/In Spawn

-No Hacks/Cheats/Glitches

-Be Fair

-Griefing >IS< allowed on UN-protected bases.

-PvP is allowed but don't cheat to do so (And no PvP logging).

-Raiding Is Allowed On Unprotected Bases.

X Banned Items X

Agebooks (Can be obtained by donating.)

Portal Guns




X Ranks X

Host/Server Owner: forcie270

Owner: Deathnote12 (Me)

Admin: (None Atm)

Mod: pokemon1157

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