This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DireWolf20 FTB SnS


Greylisted server with few banned items.

Little to no banned items, a greylisted server so there is no threat of being Griefed or Raided. Pvp is on but only use it if agreed on by both parties. This is a close nit community alot better than most FTB communities or communities in general we have alot of regulars and people who are willing to help new people to the server.

Pvp is on only use when agreed on by both parties.
Lagging the server purposely will result in a permanent ban.
Griefing/ Raiding will result in permanent ban.
Use common sense.
If you use Computer Craft know what your doing please.
If asked to take something down or dial something back by staff please do its likely its cause it is causing excessive lag.
Don't be a jerk.

Banned Items:
Industrial TnT
Chunk Loaders.

Staff Members:
John(aka Zulfe):Admin

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