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The Beast Unleashed Infinity Expert

The Beast Unleashed Infinity Expert


We are a Infinity server that aims to provide a safe place for you to collaborate with others and unlock the full potential of the Infinity mod-pack, without having to worry about griefers, map resets, or banned items.

Check out our recent uptime and performance

  • PVP disabled, white-listed, MyTown2 protection, daily map backups, and griefer tracking for your peace of mind
  • Friendly and experienced admins who keep their egos in check and will actually help you
  • Chunk-loaders, quarries allowed
  • Dedicated server {IntelĀ® Core i7-6700 | 32GB RAM | 500GB SSD | 1Gbps bandwidth}
  • Great up-time and performance
  • Persistent map, no needless world wipes. Current world was generated on 12th November 2015.
  • No banned items
  • No world border
  • No pay-to-win baloney, everyone gets access to all mod features
  • Prompt, automated crash recovery
  • Three years of experience hosting modded Minecraft
  • TeamSpeak server (
  • Server forum
  • IRC channel linked with server chat: #tbu on EsperNet

Server IP and website:

Infinity v2.2.2

Minecraft settings:

  • Hard difficulty
  • PVP is disabled
  • Keep inventory is disabled
  • Mob griefing enabled outside of claimed areas
  • Fire-spread is enabled

Server location:
Falkenstein, Germany

How to join

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