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[Clans][Factions][Anarchy][PvP] WTG's Official Cla

The Hall of Fame
The Current Top Ranking Clan
Some available clans
The starting area
The first arena

The goal for this server is to make a balanced pack that combined the fun of a anarchy server and a factions server, and I think we've done it. In this server you can join a clan that has already been made, make your own clan with some friends, or be a lone wolf.

The purpose of clans in this server is to fight for Top Dog. Whichever clan is Top Dog is placed in the #1 spot in the hall of fame and can make their own MOTD for the server along with some other rewards.

You can make diplomatic decisions, combine the power of 2 or more clans and control the anarchy world.

Every week there is a battle royale hosted by the Top Dog in an arena of their choice to fight for a spot in the hall of fame. Whoever comes out on top is now the Top Dog. This comes with a price though, whatever items you bring into the arena, you can't take back.

There are also hidden areas on the map detailing information about the past. Find them and there might be a prize in it for you!

Some screenshots of the server can be found here:

Our website can be found here:

Our custom modpack's modlist can be found here:

Instructions on how to install the modpack can be found here:

Join now and start your adventure!

If you cannot join the server please comment on this post and I can help you out.

Some common fixes are:

Make sure you are running the WTGPack, you should have 184 mods loaded

Make sure you have the latest version of Java 8

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