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Explosive Networks

Explosive Networks


We are Explosive Networks, A friendly new community that is looking for players to come and join the fun. We offer all sorts of Mini-Games as well as Towny, Factions and even Modded servers.

Visit our brand new site now:

The machines our servers is on
We have the best dedicated servers that will guarantee a lag free environment. All our servers is hosted on the best dedicated company in South Africa!


Our Servers:
Factions - Survival
Our factions server is based on RPG where you can create our own factions and try to make the world yours, But there is some strange things going on at Factions... There is new mobs that you will encounter on your journey as well as new enchantments you will notice in the libraries. In the rear end of your journey, just when you thought it was over you will unlock the ultimate element that is Magic giving you the power to make and combine your own wands and spells for the ultimate war!

Towny - Survival
Towny is the ultimate server if you like building massive cities or towns with your friends. Here you can choose to join a town and help it grow or make your own. You can trade with players all sorts of goods via auctions and become a shop keeper at our Mall where you can try all sorts of techniques to keep that constant income flow to be the best. You can also make your own Nations where you can become allies with other towns or enemies and declare a war!

Games - Super Duper Fun!
Here you can play any game at any time, It's fully automated! so there is no hassle asking staff to play with your clan/friends. This server is connected to Towny, Factions and Prison so when you feel a bit down or just need a break, jump in at Games... You can even broadcast to all servers if you want to ask all your allies to come join the fun!

Just a little branch of what games we offer
Hide & Seek
OITC - One in the Chamber
Color Shuffle
Survival Games
Bow Spleef
TnT Run
Capture the Flag

Prison - Game mode
This server is designed as if you were in a prison and need to escape, The only catch is it's impossible to escape. This is super addictive and time consuming when you get use to it. Everything is like in a real prison with actual players that is guards/wardens that will be watching your every step and move, Eating times, Bed Times and much more... Are you the bad'est and biggest hound of them all?

HUB? What the heck is that? Well all the information and servers you found above here is linked to this server... So long short, You can connect to any server from any location at any time. What makes this so epic is that if your friend is playing on Factions and you are on Towny you can teleport to them at any time (That is if they accept) and then you will be moved from Towny to Factions at your friend's exact location. You can even talk to all of the servers simply by adding '@' before you chat your message!

TrinityCraft - Custom Modded
This server is 1.6.4 and contains over 175 mods, This modpack was created by Explosive Networks team. Sadly this server does not support our HUB yet.

More details can be found over here:

IP can be found here:

Kingdom Industria - FTB Monster Modded
FTB Monster is an official FTB 1.6.4 modpack that combines technical and magical mods into one monster sized pack. It is currently the heaviest mod pack due to the large amount of mods it contains in the FTB launcher. It is considered to be the 1.6.4 continuation of FTB Unleashed, though this is not true in the eyes of the Modpack Team.

More details can be found over here:

IP can be found here:

Exmon - Custom Pixelmon Modded
This is a WIP server where there is Pokemon in minecraft, But this version is slightly modified as we added a few more things to make the pixelmon experience even better!

More details can be found over here:

IP can be found here:

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