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Anima Network

Anima Network - No Lag - Earn Ranks For Free


Anima Network is a network of servers, ranging from Factions to FTB PVE Servers. Our website will be up and running soon for more information!


Voting Rewards:
Get a crate key, souls, and money for voting!

You can get souls by voting, or purchasing. You can use souls to purchase a variety of kits, money, claim blocks, and more!

Lag Free:
Anima Network is hosted on powerful, stable servers to guarantee a lag-free experience. Restart happens every 12 hours.

Player Shops:
Create you're own shop to sell any item. Or visit other players shops to purchase items you need! You can set you're own prices, get a warp to you're shop, and build you're own shop from the ground up!

Warp to different locations like the shop, or crates. You can also use warping to visit other players shops!

Custom Spawn:
Anima's FTB spawn is custom built, with the help of our community! (See /warp castle for more details!)

Friendly staff, no lag, fun server
Posted 7th Feb 2019