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pin_drop (private server)

Hello! I have started up a private SMP for FTB Infinity Evolved as you probably gathered from the title. I am from the UK and the server is being hosted in France. If you'd like to join then please fill in the application form below by sending me a message on discord (LiamBombastic#0001). Do not reply to this post or DM me on reddit as I very rarely use it. Don't worry about the form too much, I probably won't reject anyone I just want a sense of what you're like.

The only requirements for this server is that you have discord and speak English fluently. Hope to see you guys soon!


Name you want to be called by/real name:



Where are you from & time zone?:

About you:

Why do you want to join?:

What are you good at?:

Where did you find out about the server?

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