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E.D.E.N. Tek:
"Every Garden has a Dark Corner..."

E.D.E.N Tek is a full PvP, Feed the Beast - Ultimate, Low Restriction server.
If you can get away with it - you can do it.

Minecraft Multiplayer tends to turn into many individuals doing singleplayer projects and showing them off. How many times have you heard:

"hey come look what i built!"
"oh, that's neat."
Repeat that about 1,000 times and you have every other server out there.

E.D.E.N. Tek, however, thrives on players interacting to make fortresses and machines. Going it alone is tough, and with factions beginning to form, it is likely safer to pick a side than be caught in the wilderness alone.

You can create protected areas right away, but they are vulnerable to sieges from other players, allowing them to smash through windows, dig through soft blocks, and come streaming in to find and kill you. If you build a fortress from quality materials, even the longest of sieges won't be able to break through. and you can pick off your attackers with grenades, flaming arrows, and TNT.

As if being hunted wasn't enough, Everyone is at the mercy of a bloodthirsty SuperComputer that claims to be the very planet you live on. It demands Power Crystals or will shrink the land available to you, forcing everyone closer together...closer to death. If you appease the Computer's hunger, it will expand the world and let you roam, giving you access to programs to hunt down players, instantly smelt ores, breathe underwater, and even fly.

E.D.E.N. Tek is everything you hoped a minecraft server would be.
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