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Secure Kingdoms Modded Factions

Secure Kingdoms Modded Factions


Secure Kingdoms is a new Modded PVP server, unlike most servers we fully allow players to grief/raid/kill each other. Unfortunately despite best efforts some items/blocks may be banned but there will be a good reason for everything. By default the player can claim one chunk using the FTB claimed chunks feature, the player will have to create a town using towny to claim more than one chunk. IP:

This is an ace little server for grief and raid on infinity 2. 6.0
Sadly these days G&R servers are hard to come across let alone find.
And while this work fine there are little to no peoole to raid Its a real shame because of infinity's mod list it has such a huge room for raiding and griefing with many magic and tech mods routes to go down when wanting to surive and raid...
Like I said just a shame its pretty dead, heck its even online now
Posted 11th Feb 2017