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Digital Reality


Tired of being on a server with no community, one that closes after a few months, one with many banned items or disabled mods? Then come to come Digital Reality, I will be trying to build a server that caters to a bit of everything, tech, magic, pvp, non-pvp, and community. Inside of towns will be non-PVP, raiding, etc as well as server areas such as spawn, shop towns, and the Mining age. Outside of such areas will be PVP enabled and anything will go to include raiding.

Currently at 155 mods and about 30 plugins; Battle shop (upgraded chest shop), Mytown, lockette, Battle Arena, Prism, and much more.

I have Timed ranks with perks and Donator ranks with perks setup in tracks.

I plan of creating mining age (so no mass mining in the over-world) and having a fully working in-game economy with minimal banned items (4), some initially banned items (Portal gun, and gravity gun) unlock automatically as play time increases to prevent griefing. Some items are limited to specific worlds, such as quarries to mining age, and nether pumps can be only Ender-termic or Advanced pumps.

A team-speak 3 server is planned, and I plan to add channels for each multi-resident town that wants one, but it may not be setup in time for the initial launch.

I will be posting the code on the Servers Website, it will only be visible to those registered on the Servers website (to meet the private pack requirements).

I also plan of Pre-generating the world map to 25000 and placing a world border there as well. I will increase the map size if and as needed.

Server information:
Host: Phase Networks, Diamond plan with 6GB Dedicated Ram
Slots: Unlimited for the plan and should support up to 144 players, but I will be limiting it initially to 70 to ensure lag free play and increasing it incrementally as needed.

Rules: Normal common sense rules apply, No Racism, No Spamming, Minimal cursing in chat, etc. Griefing is not allowed, and raiding/ PVP is only permitted outside of claimed areas or in mining age and is allowed in wild areas or designated areas. Chests with lockette signs placed on them are also considered protected.

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