This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DireWolf20 PolarCraft 24/7 Towny


We are currently looking for very active players that are good with towny to become mayors and are willing to invite new players into their towns!
Rule # 1 - You shall not cheat nor hack while playing on the server.
Rule # 2 - Do not be annoying.
Rule # 3 - Do not grief towns
Rule # 4 - Treat other how you want to be treated. If you want to be treated like trash be my guest.
Rule # 5 - Respect all staff, and don't just rage.

Rule # 6 - Do not spam or advertise other servers

The server will be white list later in the future

The New Application Format

  1. Age :
  2. IGN :
  3. How long have you been playing the Direwolf Pack? :
  4. What do you plan to really do on the server? :
  5. Have you ever been banned on a server? :
  6. If yes, please leave any server name of the server you've been banned on? :
  7. Tell us something about yourself (Nothing absurd like "I like pie, and I'm a social person."):
  8. Will you REALLY use TeamSpeak? :
  9. You will obey all rules from the server? : Y/N
  10. You acknowledge that people that make up the staff are players too & enjoy playing as well? : Y/N
  11. Going with the rule above if you ever are in a situation you acknowledge that once a staff member has acknowledged the situation you will stop bugging them about it unless there has been a 2 hour wait time? : Y/N
  12. You understand that sometimes things can leap out of hand, and thus if our world goes corrupt you will try your best not to go like "OMG! WTF! I hate this!" But instead be mature about the reset (if it ever happens), and so on? : Y/N

Banned Items will be adding items soon



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