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RightToRebel FTB Infinity Evolved Regular



No griefing, duping, hacking, or exploiting. If you are caught, you will be jailed, kicked, or banned.
Lag producing setups will be broken down and placed in a chest.
RtR Members are required to use Teamspeak. Non-Members are always welcome to join Teamspeak.
No racist, sexist, or offensive speech is tolerated in chat. Please keep it private.
Consensual PvP only. Non-consensual PvP will result in a temporary ban, with increasing penalties for repeat offenders.
If there is a dispute, keep it private, If you can not amicably resolve the issue, contact a Moderator/Admin.
Gifting new players with game-breaking items will result in those items being confiscated.
Disclaimer: Golden bags of holding, if lost by any means, will not be refunded. Consider Ender pouches or other similar items.

Q: Are you ever going to wipe the server?
A: All server wipes will be announced before they happen. No sudden wipes!
Q: My other server just disappeared - admin quit, or didn't pay bills. Will this happen here?
A: Nope! We are on private hardware, and are in it for the long haul. ____
Q: We've experienced admin abuse of items and other things on other unofficials, will this happen here?
A: Absolutely not. Our Admins have extensive experience in being fair. Now - it's worth saying : If you repeatedly break the rules, we will not hesitate to enforce them.
Q: How do I join the server?
A: Install Feed The Beast launcher, download and play the most up-to-date version of the FTB Infinity Evolved, and join us at
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