This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ArtusCraft Horizons!

ArtusCraft spawn in area with multiworld portals
Walking up the stairs to spawn
Portals for the Mining World and Creative World!
PVP World and Magic/Griefing World Portals
Overview of spawn with the 4 mobarenas!

Now ArtusCraft Networks, has been running since the start of August 2013. We build the servers around the users of it, we try to prevent lag by using top quality servers with minimal plugins. This server runs off Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-1650 @ 3.8 GHZ- 64 GB 1600mhz DDR3 ECC RAM, 4 x 120 GB SSD and a 1TB for backups. We run on a 1 Gbit per second DDOS protected connection speed with unlimited bandwith. All of this means we run the server at a 20tps all the time!

Now on to items, most servers just ban the items if there is a issue with them. We try out best to only temporarily ban them until we get a fix for them.

We can promise you that there is NO way to grief in someone's claim.

A few facts about the server :

  • IP :
  • TeamSpeak 3:
  • Website :
  • Minimal Banned Items
  • Custom Fixes
  • Good Staff [16+]
  • No lag [+20tps]

We FIXED all those items with our custom code!:

  • Mutating Sprig ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Mutandis ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Mutandis Extremis ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Hand Boiler ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Spray Paints ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Liquid Buckets ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Mystic Wand ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Magical Hoe ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Seed Packets ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Block Mover ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Block Replacer ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Thaumcraft Wands ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Thaumcraft Golems ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Traviling Trunks ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Alumentum ~ Griefing and PVP Damge Fixed
  • Axe of the Stream ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Hoe of Growth ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Potion Buckets ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Chalices ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Wooden Wrench ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Bottomless Bukkit ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Sceptre of Concealment ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Ender Tag ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Infinite Bucket ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Chalks ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Sigils ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Bound Pickaxe ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Bound Axe ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Bound Shovel ~ Griefing Fixed
  • Molten Metal Buckets ~ Griefing Fixed
  • LE and HE TNT ~ Griefing Fixed

Our banned items to be patched and unbanned:
(Can be shown in game with /banneditems)

  • Brew of Erosion ~Griefing
  • Brew of Frost ~Greifing
  • Brew of Vines ~Griefing
  • Brew of Webs ~Griefing
  • Brew of Raising ~Greifing
  • Brew of Sprouting ~Greifing
  • Brew of Thorns ~Griefing
  • Boring Machine ~Griefing
  • Land Mine ~Damages players and greifs < Will Be Enabled In PVP Soon
  • Arrow Gun ~Attacks Players From A Long Distance < Will Be Enabled In PVP Soon
  • Heat Ray ~Attacks Players From A Long Distance
  • Freeze Gun ~Freezes Players From A Long Distance < Will Be Enabled In PVP Soon
  • Laser Gun ~Griefing
  • Rail Gun ~Griefing
  • Air Pressure Gun ~Griefing
  • Pile Driver ~Griefing
  • Fire Starter ~Fire Damage < Will Be Enabled In PVP Soon
  • TerraFormer ~Griefing
  • Block Ram ~Griefing
  • Sonic Border ~Griefing
  • Time Manipulator ~Griefing
  • Florbs ~ Long Range ~Griefing
  • Sceptre of Lightning ~ PVP Damage
  • Sceptre of Fire Charging
  • DrawBridges

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