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FTB Ultimate Clan Recruiting



Hey, I am jnix3 and I just started a fresh FTB Ultimate server and I am looking for a few new friends to play with on a regular basis. I am 28 years old, live in California, and work 8-6pm, so it'd be best if you were about the same so we can sync up gameplay. FWIW, This is my personal server. I'm not sponsored, or a pro gamer. I'm just a geek who likes operating systems, minecraft, and all things open source. I also like to drop the bass when I'm all out of trout.

Server IP


  1. No op
  2. No creative
  3. No hacks
  4. No trolling
  5. No extra mods, for any reason
  6. Solo play is welcome, but not encouraged early on.
  7. Use Mumble, not skype
  8. Join the website
  9. Build the stuffs and kill things
  10. Have fun and relax. It's a game.

Whitelist Application

If you'd like to be placed on the whitelist, please register on and join the mumble server so I can do a quick voice verify that we're on the same page. If I don't respond wait 24 hours and I should get back to you after 7pm PST.

Disabled items

I'm completely new to the FTB universe and unaware of the unbalanced items that many claim ruin the experience. I would like to discover these items with the new players that will join me and make a decision on a case-by-case basis. I will only disable items if they are being abused. Because we're such a small server I don't think we should have a problem with accountability and self-restraint. The safer we play, the longer the world will remain intact. We can use the forums to discuss these items in depth before we invest any amount of time in gameplay.

Play Style

I envision starting a small team that works cooperatively to reach a team-chosen milestone then diverges to form 2 small teams and a few lone wolves. This would allow us to do 4 Vs. 4 PvP with a few wildcards once or twice a month. We'll spend the rest of our time building up our bases, choosing weapons, strategic planning, etc... A pre-defined chunk will be used as an Arena (whether we build one or not) and all PvP and/or destructive behavior will NOT be allowed in any base. Period. Any player that flags him or herself as neutral/non-violent should be left alone. Murdering innocents will not be tolerated.

Difficulty level

I'd say hard. I'm not really sure to be honest. I've never done this before. RPG Immersion felt a lot harder, though.

Slots & Specs

10 slots, hosted on a mediatemple (dv) dedicated server with 4GB Ram. Come play on a quiet and lag-free server, you deserve it.

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