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Kismet - Infinity Evolved 3.0.2


Kismet is a Happy Place! :)

We are a community-oriented server striving to provide a happy place for players who are looking for an enjoyable experience away from griefing and conflict. Kismet is an opportunity to feed your modded Minecraft addiction. In addition, many of our players use Kismet to distract themselves from the harsh truths of real life and instead create their idealized self in an idealized community.

Friendly small server community with Discord integration.
No Grief, No stealing, No Raiding, No PVP.
Claim system using Grief Prevention!
Earn claim blocks as you play!
Player ranks with perks that improve as you play!
Set more than one home!
Build Competitions and Events.
Balanced mix of magic and tech.
Monthly resetting Nether, Gather, and Mining dimensions for replenishing resources.
Twice-Monthly resets of End to ensure there are plenty of Chaos Dragons.
Chest shop economy for players who want to run their own shop!

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