This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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We are a fairly new Direwolf20 recommended build server that are accepting new members. We enjoy having fun and helping one another and tend to be a close knit group of people.


Banned Mods:


Banned Items:

Chunk Loaders, Spot Loaders, World Anchors, Personal Anchors. Mining Laser, Ars Magica Dig, Portal Guns, Gravity Guns

Partially Banned (can make but not place):

Tnt. Itnt, Nuke

All Items that are banned are either for complete bypass of all protections or to not bog down resources. Also if we find additional things that are bad for the server and damaging then we will ban them as well.

We are still working on making this server better so we appreciate any feedback you can give. We will be adding a market shortly as well and have not yet decided to use an economy plugin or letting people trade with trade o mats.

The rank systems is all time based and will gain additional things as you get more time. We do use grief protection for protecting your area and prism for logging anything that may get past that.

We hope to see everyone here try out our server and to having fun with you!

We have a good dedicated server that keeps all the lag to a minimum

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