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This is Ulimate FTB server nothing is turned off a


I like to keep this small and easy nothing is added and nothing is took out. Just the only change to the server you most do if you are to make the items is to open you config folder go into gregtech folder and recipes and change all the hard recipes. They are this ones B:ExpensiveBCQuarryRecipe=false
B:ExpensiveWindRecipe=false Copy them and put them all too false. And the server is a 24/7 server. So and donations will help keep it up longer I will not always pay for it myself. If you need to ask I will just ban you NO ASKING STAFF, No asking for items and, Mostly but not last no griefing. For things not a loud to use or make them as easy for most things nothing but Nukes and tnt are not a loud. Don't make me have to disable them.

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