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The Goon Squad EU Community

The Goon Squad

The Goon Squad

A Community For All!

The Goon Squad
A fun and personal community for all to join

MC Eternal:
FTB Interactions:

Join us on Discord!
How we role
Our community aims to just have a relaxing time on the servers.
We try to keep banned items as low as we can.
Base protection plugin against griefers.
Timed ranks that give you more perks the more you play
Active staff that try to answer as many question as they can
We try to keep lagg as low as possible and we actively solve lagg issues. Besides this we have one of the strongest servers out there so that helps.
Our host has DDOS protection so we dont worry about attacks
Modpack updates as soon as we can and know they are stable
Donation store if you feel like donating and helping us out

Have a look on our server and we hope that you’ll stay :)


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