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SevTech: Ages - Madback Playground


Come join FiveEYZ and his team in SevTech: Ages and begin a journey into greatness.
PVE, random tp, 15k radius map, render distance 12, GriefPrevention

Friendly adult staff that also play on the server.
Have any question? need help? or just wanna hang out? feel free to join us on Discord.

The goal here is to have fun playing the game as it is meant to be played.
Be nice and behave.
Dont exploit, dupe or cheat in other ways.
Dont annoy or harash other players.

Server is hosted in Sweden.

i logged into this server and was having problems with my advancements not updating. the staff couldnt figure out what was going on at all. theyre completely clueless, and the server is unbelievably laggy. i wouldnt recommend playing here to anybody
Posted 8th Apr 2018