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The Revenge of FooFarm FTB/MagicFarm


Server Name: The Revenge of FooFarm
Server Locale: USA
Version: FTB/MagicFarm Version "2" (1.6.4)
Game Play Type/s: SMP PvE Hard FTB
Motto: TANSTAAFL !!!

(Banner graphic credit: Belhanu)

FooFarm is a SMP server that is based on the FTB/MagicFarm 2
The world is full of 30+ different biomes. Very few items are banned and
the rules are simple to follow.
The server is using HyperConomy because we encourage Player-Run-Economies.
Money supply is created by the server when players sell precious
raw materials. Players in turn create finished goods to sell among themselves.
Towny is important and players usually form groups to specialize.

TANSTAAFL = There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Hardware: Dedicated HW Xeon E3 1280v3, 32GB RAM 120 GB SSD
Plugins: (MCPC+ based) AutoMessage, Essentials, HyperConomy, GriefPrevention, LWC, PEX, Prism, Seasons, Towny, TekkitCustomizer, WorldEdit (for admins only).
Owner/Admins/Moderators: (O) systemv, (A) passiontiger74, (A) DaimonMCM, (A) WippitGuud, several moderators.

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