This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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KIC (KyCraft Industrial Community|FTB Beta-A 1.4.2


Whitelisting is Closed and we dont plan to take more members for the time being

aka KyCraft Industrial Community
(I think KIC is better :p)
Mumble IP: Comming Soon
Community Site:
Max Player slots: 10

What kind of server are we?
KIC is a mix of a few things. Its in some ways a community server, but at the same time its also survival and free-roam. Easier way to put it, its a sever where you login, start crafting, and chose if you want to build with players or go it solo. Super easy ;)

What Mods are in the server and what are banned?
Well, if a mod is banned, its usally due to major server performance issues. Below are the list of mods that are banned. If its not here, its on the server:
Twilight Forest - People say it doesnt lag, i beg to differ, the massive ammount of rendering kills most servers unless you have a very beefy server
Mystcraft - Mostly same as above, also for server balance reasons
Portal Gun Mod - This is only a temp banned mod until i get it set up correctly. It will be implemented soon

What are the rules of the server?

  1. No Griefing
  2. No Harrasing other players
  3. No asking to be mod
    4.No using glitches to your advantage
    5.Must be 16 years or older to be able to join. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    6.More rules soon......

How do i join?
Thats easy! Just copy the pre-made app below into a reply and reply to this post or you can use the site. Both have same priority, i prefer here as it legally bumps the post up

Age -
Have you ever been banned (This is for ANY server and is checked extensivly) -
Why should you be whitelisted? -

Current open slots and filled slots of administration

Owner - Kyjon02
Mods - 2 slots available
Whitelist administrator - 2 slots open

If interested in any open fields, please apply on the community site. Any apps for them here will be ignored.

Any thing else you want to ramble about?
Nope! Apply now and i hope you enjoy your time playing on the KIC server :)

For people posting on the FTBServer site, please post apps on the site or FTB forums. Thanks

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