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Mindcrack FTB Fan Server


Mindcrack FTB Fan Server
I have created a FTB Mindcrack Fan server and I am currently looking for members to join the community.

24/7 Server | Mindcrack Pack (8.3.2)

Server Backstory
I myself have been a Huge fan of the Mindcrack server for the past 2 years. I am a avid viewer of many of the Mindcrack players and have become addicted to their FTB series. After the realization that I too could join a server and become part of a community I began searching for the perfect Mindcrack FTB server. Unfortunately after a couple months of searching I was dissapointed by the results. So here I am with my own server in search of friends who also love the Mindcrack series and strive to join a community just like it.

Obviously this being a Mindcrack Fan Server we will abide by all the rules that surround the Mindcrack Server

  1. Be Kind/Respectful of others.
  2. Use your common sense when making decisions that might affect the server or individual Players.
  3. Avoid offensive comments (racism, anti-religious symbols/comments).
  4. Obviously don't take others items without their permission.
  5. Don't unnecessarily destroy the environment. (Ex. Leave quarry holes open, Floating trees, random holes, pillars etc.) Try to keep the environment looking as best as it can.

Cheating will not be tolerated and will be removed from the server if you use any cheat tools, x-ray etc.

I really am not a strict person, Just act respectably and hold yourself to the standard as if you were on Mindcrack.

Application Process
For me to judge whether you are right for the server I have an application that needs to be filled out and posted in the comment section of the forums. Please be descriptive and informative when filling out the application.
Fill out the following application below:

Application Form:
How many hours do you play a day/week:
Experience with FTB:
Do you follow any Mindcrack Players:
What is your minecraft specialty:
What do you do outside of Minecraft (Optional):

Please be patient regarding the results of the applications. I will attempt to message you within 2 days of your post.

Thanks and Good Luck.

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