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ShadowNode has been running since august of 2013, it was formerly known as Artuscraft.

We are the type of server to offer extremely punctual up-times (100% Nearly all the time!) with flawless custom fixes. We always release our server with minimal banned items. We use custom plugins to offer these amazing features, coupled with our friendly and professional staff! what more could you ask for. We fixed things from Thaumcraft wand foci to Mining Lasers, even Computercraft turtles! So we have the knowledge to make your everyday experience better on our servers.

We have recently upgraded our Infinity 1.7.10 server to run on multiple server instances to reduce lag! direct connect IPs are below the main Infinity IP.

Check out our website.

Feed The Beast Servers:

  • FTB Infintiy 1.7.10 - 1.5.1 -
    ~ No Banned Items! ~ Not even turtles
    ~Miningworld Direct connect~ {}
    ~Survival Direct Connect~ {}
    ~Towny Direct Connect~ {}
    ~Factions Direct Connect~ {Server Coming Soon!}

  • Direwolf20 1.7.10 - 1.3.1 -
    ~ No Banned Items! ~ Not even turtles

  • Trident 1.7.10 PvP Based ModPack - Always Recommended Version-
    ~[Opt-In:Opt-Out] Grief Prevention system & Separate anarchy server.
    {] Trident Factions ~ [}
    {] Trident Grief Prevention ~ [}

Technic Launcher Servers:

* ShadowNode’s Custom Modpack 1.7.10 - Coming Soon!

ATLauncher Servers:

* Modsauce 1.7.10 - Latest -
     ~ No Banned Items! ~ Not even turtles

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