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EMB - Infinity Evolved - Expert mode [3.1.0]


Welcome to Eat My Beast Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved server, you will find :

  • A Powerfull Dedicated Minecraft Server (NVME SSD + 128GB ECC RAM)
  • 10+ Years of service !
  • Reliable backups/anticheat
  • Welcoming & helpfull staff
  • Few banned items
  • Doesn't lag
  • A bunch of great plugins
  • An always up to date server
  • Active Discord... and much more !

Join us now @

amazing server nice people and very good staff im enjoying the server allot !
Posted 29th Jan 2023
The people are great, I never feel alone, a tiny bit of lags sometimes but its a modepack server and this is one of the servers with the least lags !!
Posted 28th Jul 2018
Fun server. Active community and staff. Map was reset on 06-Aug-2017 so nice fresh start!
Posted 7th Aug 2017
Definitly worth playing there, absolutely no down times, permissive rules and responsible staff, freaking cool, gonna be playing on their beyond server aswell!
Posted 11th Jun 2017
Played on many servers, this is the first one where the admins are actually enjoyable. They aren't controlling, they are pretty laid back. (unless you piss in saturns soup by messing with his redwoods) **chuckles**

They are strict on cheating, seen a few get banned for using the /dev/null glitch.

this server is hands down one of the best I ever played on. I can't see myself going to any other infinity server.
Posted 11th Jun 2017
Very few of the staff members are helpful. Every fourth player is a staff btw. The creator of the server is hot-headed and I have witnessed him banning many players for in-game glitches.
Many good players left the server because of so many dramas happening there. Very few servers are running smoothly by ETB.
I recommend you pick something else.

Personal experience: I've been voting and attending other players for a long time. One staff member muted me without giving out a reason. Shut the thread about my complain and nobody ever addressed that issue again; because that staff is a friend and most trusted by the boss EVEN though many people don't like him cuz he is - sorry for the language - a dick. I'm not the only one who left this server just because of him. It can get that annoying.

If this server is ever to bloom, re-pick your staff if you care enough.
The server replied:
Hey there, sorry to have you leave, (who are you?) if you also wouldn't mind just naming people, would make it easier for me. As for the personal attack here, idk dude, you don't ring a bell and i have been on Beyond and not Infinity lately so not sure what you talking about. Don't know what thread you are talking about either, we don't hide/delete complaints, they help us improve. Hope to see you again. Want to say aswell, my banned players file is almost empty, after 2 years online, we do ban, when REALLY there is no other choice.
Posted 7th Apr 2017
Runs very smoothly. Well maintained.
Posted 12th Jan 2017