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We are a new community trying to introduce the best experience of balance performance between plays with no lag or delays between the server-side and player side. We are a very friendly community and we are welcoming new players!

Note: No Server spawn once joining.


  1. NO Stealing

  2. NO Griefing

  3. Do NOT be Toxic

  4. No Spamming Chat

  5. No Trolling / Flaming

  6. No Asking For OP, Ranks, or Items

  7. No Racist or Sexist Remarks

  8. Respect all Players & Staff

Server Specs:
● Dedicated Machine (Unshared)
● CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70GHz
● Ram: 68GB (Balance Performance)
● Network Up/Down: 1GB (Avrg speed 450 up & 235 down)
● Location: United Kingdom

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