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Audia-Craft FTB

Audia-Craft FTB:Revelations Whitelisted

pin_drop (private server)

Welcome to Audia-Craft!

What is Audia-Craft?
Audia-Craft is a 1.14 whitelisted server which recently added a FTB revelations server to the community and is currently accepting applications. The server was founded and is ran byb Audiatorix

Server Rules:

  1. No grefing
  2. Pranks will be allowed. (After a certain point)
  3. Be respectful and courteous to others.


Must be 16+
Must have a valid copy of Mine-Craft
Must join the discord here: to apply
MMust have a working microphone for server events!

Want to come and join the fun?
Join here: and go to #link-to-apply and then submit your application!

We just generated a fresh map! We have lots of building to do! Come and join us!

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