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iPwnAge Network's Direwolf20 Server [Kits] [Ranks]

iPwnAge Network's FTB Spawn

iPwnAge Network's FTB Spawn

We're iPwnAge, a server hitting it's 6th birthday rather soon. We're an older community that's primarily made up of dorks, nerds, and all other kinds of fun people. We play Direwolf20 1.7.10, version 1.10. Few items are banned, such as the Mining Laser and the ChickenChunks (personal chunk loaders are A-OK). There are kits that you can exchange for voting points, and ranks are earned via time spent on server. We hate pay2win, and those values certainly extend to this server as well.


  • iPwnAge Network is a cluster of various MC servers and games tied together seamlessly. You can conversate with people across worlds, servers, or even games. Since there's a single in-game currency, money earned through efforts in one server cross over to the next as well.
  • Friendly and attentive staff ready to address any issue.
  • High-end hardware to reduce lag
  • Ability to request plugins & mods


No griefing: Our players work hard to turn their ideas into in-game reality on the iPwnAge Network. Destroying their creations is not funny and wastes everyone’s time, including yours. All block edits are logged, so any perpetrator will be found quickly and easily. If you are caught griefing it will result in a permanent ban from the iPwnAge Network.

No stealing: Theft of any kind from any player is highly frowned upon. Our players expect a community in which they do not have to worry about theft from other players. Participation in any theft of any kind will result in a temporary or permanent ban from the iPwnAge Network.

No exploitation: Here at iPwnAge we try our best to create a stable, bug-free experience. However, like all technology, you may encounter a bug or glitch. In the event you do encounter a bug, please inform a staff member as soon as possible. Knowingly exploiting a bug will result in a temporary ban from the iPwnAge Network.

Free speech: Our players enjoy a relaxed atmosphere on the iPwnAge Network. We do not censor, or otherwise restrict what you can or cannot say on our websites and in-gaming chat boxes. Disclaimer: Advertising or spamming is not allowed. Having said that, please do not take that freedom too far. Keep arguments out of global chat, and do not say anything that would otherwise violate United States Law. If we believe there is reasonable suspicion to anything said, we will report it to US Authorities. If someone is acting out-of-line, we will politely ask them to stop. However, if it persists it may result in a mute, temporary ban, or permanent ban from the iPwnAge Network.

No advertising: We have worked hard to create this server, and as such we do not appreciate those who advertise other servers. If our server is not meeting your expectations, inform a staff member. We work hard to make the iPwnAge Network the best it can possibly be, but sometimes we are unable to meet the needs of every player. In the event a player is caught advertising another server it will result in a permanent ban from the iPwnAge Network.

No spamming: Yes, we do not censor, but that does not mean you need to repeat what you said a billion times to get your point across. Nine times out of ten, we got it the first time. Spam annoys all of our players, so just do not do it. If you spam, it will result in a mute, temporary ban, or permanent ban from the iPwnAge Network.

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