This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DireNode|Infinity 1.4.1|Open|Town Protections



-Infinity version 1.4.1
-New server
-48 slots
-MyTown2 for claiming
-Dedicated mining world that world is wiped every month

-Respect the staff and other players
-No griefing or stealing (except in mining world)
-No pvp unless both parties agree (except in mining world)
-Do not ask to be staff. If we are looking for staff, an application will be posted on our website

Banned Items:
-We have few banned items and these will not afflict your gameplay. Some of these can be bought on our store on our website.
-All of mystcraft
-Plasma Launcher
-Mining Laser (use ban, can be made for other recipes)
-Wand Focus: Excavation
-Dimension Builder
-Flux Igniter

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