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Modded Minecraft- Revelation - Continuum - ATM3



Welcome to Modded Minecraft!

Our community has been around since September 2012. We have experienced everything from Tekkit through to FTB Ultimate, Direwolf20 and Beyond. We have gained an extraordinary amount of experience in running servers and using that experience to create a better environment for our players.

Our staff team is made up of dedicated volunteers, some of which have been here since the beginning. Each bringing their own set of skills to the table. We are constantly on the lookout for potential players to join our staff team, So if you think you have what it takes, we would love to have an application in at some point!

We Have a Discord server to communicate with our players and to be able to provide better support. If there is no staff member on a server to help you or a player is unable to answer your questions, Discord is the best option to get support. There are many active players and staff member on every day to help out.


FTB Continuum -
FTB Revelation -
All The Mods 3 -



  • Voting accumulates 'Vote Points' for use within the donation shop
  • As much items unbanned / unrestricted as possible without putting others at risk
  • Player trails and glow effects
  • Chunk loading via plugin
  • Open Discord + Discord <--> Server Chat


Notable Plugins

  • MMC-BetterChunkLoader
  • MMCReboot
  • MMCPrefix
  • MMCTrails
  • MMCTickets
  • PlayerGlow
  • GriefPrevention

Server Spec

  • Intel i7-7700K - 4c/8t - 5.00GHz
  • 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
  • SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe SSD Configuration

If you are having any problems please contact us using our website:

fantastic server! no lag and great staff. The banned items list is short and sweet and cant wait to play some more
Posted 6th Jan 2019
Fantastic Server, Great staff, and a nice community!
Thanks MMC <3
Posted 10th Oct 2018
Good people and great packs
Posted 20th Feb 2018
a pretty good server it's quite enjoyable
Posted 27th Dec 2017
Excellent server, great uptime, awesome people and super helpfull staff that never fails to answer a question!

Posted 29th Nov 2017
good server whit friendly people
Posted 1st Nov 2017
Some hiccups every now and then (which is expected), but the people are friendly =D
Posted 22nd Aug 2017
It took me ages to find a direwolf 1.7.10 server that was actually good then I came across this one. When I started I wasn't the best at modding but the staff and community taught me how to do all the mods. Yes there are banned items but they are only there to stop greif or lag and no one wants either of those things. I have to say this is the best server in the modded community and possibly minecraft community
Posted 22nd Aug 2017
I have to say, this is one of the nicest communities I've come across in Minecraft. Everyone is willing to help and admins are very active when something goes wrong or you need assistance. Very happy playing on the server
Posted 9th Aug 2017
This is the best Minecraft hosting group around imo. I love the modpack variety and their website is awesome! The staff are really helpful too and it's nice to play on a server with lots of beneficial plugins. 10/10: would recommend.
Posted 20th Jul 2017
Best Server ever

Posted 20th Jun 2017
At first im like eh a server nobody cares about you and you are one in the crowed . But when i first joined this server i instantly got greeted welcome and it felt nice to be pointed out(for me anyways). And they also helped me through registration.
Posted 19th Jun 2017
How do you even play on the server

what forge do i need and do i need to download any mods
Posted 18th Jun 2017
An asperlutely horrid server, worst i've ever seen :D Ok jokes aside.
It's a pleasure to play on this server. The community is a joy to play with too.
Yes it has it's issues but so do every other server and a lot of it isn't even because of the server, it's because the modpack is in Alpha.
So come and play, we say hello to all that join. I hope you stay with us and be part of this awesome community :)

Posted 17th Jun 2017
Have been playing on this server for about 18 months and love how friendly people are, honestly it is refreshing to see when an owner of a server goes out of his way to correct any issues that may come up regardless of the time of day.
Posted 11th Jun 2017
Been an off and on player for a while, always been welcomed by Amazing staff! Lee is 100% One of the best server owners I've seen out there and is always trying his best to improve and make sure everyone has an amazing experience while on the server!
Posted 6th Jun 2017
I liked it at the beginning. But staff got more and more inactive. They are probably alot better now however i didnt have a good experience.
The server replied:
We are sorry you had a bad experience with us,

Unfortunately, Due to most of our staff being in college/Uni, They have been having to deal with course work leading up to their exams.
Posted 7th May 2017
Absolutely Horrible, the staff is mean, They accuse you of doing stuff you didn't do, then when you speak up about it they mute you. The server is always lagging, 0/10 the worst!
The server replied:
You broke our rules. Everyone was there to see it. Logs provide evidence.
Posted 5th Mar 2017
rly rly rly and when i say rly i mean it, REALLY bad server, laging all the time, crashes all the time and you go back 5-10 mins. you cant have more than 2 quarries , refined storage is bugged .
The server replied:
You cant REALLY mean this, you still play.
Posted 4th Mar 2017
A++ would mine again. Typing more for the length filter. Penguins.
Posted 29th Nov 2016
Fun and respectful server.
Posted 12th Sep 2016
This server Has an amazing Community. Friendly and Fun. Some things like not a lot of mobs but still very fun.
Posted 7th Aug 2016
Friendly staff and no lag.
Posted 2nd Aug 2016