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[NEW MAP] 1.7.10 FTB Infinity Normal Mode


We have Teamspeak 3!
Teamspeak ip:

If you need help, admins are usually available through teamspeak or our website

FTB Infinity (Mc1.7.10):

FTB Infinity Normal Mode (Mc1.7.10):

FTB Direwolf20 (Mc1.7.10):

Our Expert Infinity server is PvE Overworld, meaning players can only attack each other in worlds like the Nether, Twilight Forest, mining world.

We use custom plugins to help protect players in Towns (from Towny)

When Players vote for our server, they get 24 hour access to create polls to change the weather and time as well as access to a public machine room.

Here are some plugins that we use:

Towny, Essentials, Chest Shop, AreaShop, MythicMobs, AutoRank and lots of custom made plugins just for our servers

Asked a question in chat, no one answered. (6 players online)

They've disabled the built in claim system and they're using Towny instead which costs ingame money each day.
Posted 16th Jul 2017

+ still fresh main map (02/2017)
+ dimensions reset every month
+ quarry, pumps, chunkloaders (during owner online) allowed


- middle server lag during evening-night ( because usa go online and server online cap setting too high for hardware)

in total:
recommend for play during morning-day europe
Posted 20th Jan 2017