This server has been banned from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FTB Continuum

FTB Continuum 1.12.2 by CraftersLand



Server Features:

Grief Prevention land claim system.
Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions.
Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
Daily Backups.
Random Spawn.
Daily and Vote Rewards.
Clans and PvP.
Server Live map (Link on the server) .
Few items banned (Link on the server) .
Hosted in Data Center in Germany
Dedicated Server Online 24/7.

this is a great modpack. me and my friends have lots of fun playing this game. and the server is not laggy and the people are vary friendly
Posted 24th Feb 2019
Very nice staff and friendly community. Not much lag on the server. IGN- GreenEnderman34
Posted 10th Feb 2019
Server contains staff that value the players request for help, the server itself contains good content such as a good claiming system and a great community. IGN TmineCraft34
Posted 9th Feb 2019
Great server i've really enjoyed my time and with the community. IGN: Kevlar00
Posted 8th Feb 2019
Great server! No lags, alot of helpful players which helped me getting into a basics of continuum. Mods are helpful. Also frequent vote parties. What are you waiting for?! Get on server! IGN: Vaestor
Posted 1st Feb 2019
an sich ein echt guter server für leute die sich mit minecraft auskennen
Posted 26th Jan 2019
Only joined recently, but it seems like it's a great servers, got helped out pretty fast as I had a couple questions!

Posted 24th Jan 2019
This server is cool and has a nice community, It'sharry is a cool staff member. I would recommend this server :)
Posted 20th Jan 2019
A welcoming and friendly server that is very well maintained. Staff are very helpful and the community make it a fun place to play. The is almost no lag, and it is usually fixed rapidly in the case that it does appear.
IGN: Alex1700
Posted 16th Jan 2019
Good and stable server with only a few sceduled restarts. Also has a good economy system -LuckyChuckie
Posted 12th Jan 2019
I have deeply enjoyed this server so far and the people on chat have been fast and responsive.
Posted 29th Dec 2018
I've been playing here for a month and I haven't had problems yet. No tps problems and when there are it's solved pretty fast that and the staff always there makes it a beautiful server to play on.
IGN: D34DPlayer
Posted 29th Dec 2018
Very amazing, friendly and helpful people. I am enjoying playing modded Minecraft with my friend.
IGN: TeryJr
Posted 28th Dec 2018
I started to play a few days ago and all players were so kindly and helped me :D

IGN: GabiGonzalez98
Posted 26th Dec 2018
Great and friendly staff and he helps out a lot.
Players are friendly and help too.
IGN: Mikey616M
Posted 21st Dec 2018
I have so much fun playing on this server. The modpack on its own is very hard but the players makes it very enjoyable. IGN: NightAdam
Posted 15th Dec 2018
Excellent server free lag awesome reward system. love it.
Posted 15th Dec 2018
Friendly Players and Very friendly and helpful staff
Posted 14th Dec 2018
Awesome server with super friendly staff/community

IGN: RazAssassin
Posted 12th Dec 2018
Very good server. Found guidance in the first day.
IGN: rafalohaki
Posted 12th Nov 2018
Nice Server with a great community. It makes fun to play on it :)

IGN: darksoon
Posted 8th Nov 2018
Great server! Excellent community has made it a easy transition from ultimate too this pack.

IGN: mlb123
Posted 1st Nov 2018
I'm given this a 4 till I know how it goes by the looks and from what I'm ready sounds like a good server
Posted 31st Oct 2018
This is a Great server! Just Join the server!
Posted 28th Oct 2018
Great server. No lag, daily rewards and rewards for voting. Friendly community. I am also willing to help anyone if I am online.

IGN - Twist_of_Cain
Posted 23rd Oct 2018
im from the us and still this server has 0 lag and its drama free great server really fun

MY IGN is ageoffoe
Posted 19th Oct 2018
I actually like everything about the server. I love these events with the 4-fold vote reward!
Posted 13th Oct 2018
Very well organized server and amazing community. Playing on it is a great and enjoyable experience.
Posted 7th Oct 2018
This server is fun. I like that you can do many things in it and I like playing with my friends the only thing I don't like is that you get 2 wood instead of 4.

IGN: Kakashi4Mayor
Posted 5th Oct 2018
This server is really well optimized, It offers no lag, the staff is very friendly and helpful and the most important thing for me is that has a lot of friendly players. I hope u join and play with me or others. IGN Sir_ThanosII
Posted 2nd Oct 2018
The staff members are very nice and have a lot of experience with modded servers. As such, the server is very stable and well protected against common problems like griefing and hacking. The server is pretty stable lag-wise and the staff members make sure to take care of problems and reports quickly.
Posted 24th Sep 2018
The server is highly optimized for 20+players, have alot options, also features, have everything okay, you can get rollback if something break, shop is great, you get claim blocks if you play a hour, example a hour you get 400+ blocks more etc.
nickname: SuperHealing/AlpDragon
Posted 23rd Sep 2018