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Since my initial days of Minecraft I have always been intrigued by the enigma of the Minecraft community. It is a great community that has grown over the years and has evolved in so many ways with the changes to Bukkit, Forge, etc. Once Technic and later FTB came along it opened a pathway to so much more for the Minecraft community. It enabled a world much more vast than ever before seen. Me? Well, I have a plan for that world, a world that in a nutshell "mimics the modern world."

The Goal
Using the wonderful power of modded Minecraft, I want to create a world that has countries, cities, governments, businesses, corporations, workers, thinkers, inventors, farmers, and more importantly friends. A world where people can work together to create a community, or an empire to stand the test of time. Wage war with other countries (experimental), create diplomacy, start a business, become a politician, be a pirate that robs weary travelers, the choice is yours! The beauty of this server is that the admins, mods, owners etc. don't run the show. You do! The goal is to have people like businessman and politicians run the show. The admins are here to maintain the server, insure fairness by stopping game hacks and exploits, and insure a fun and safe environment for everyone. A country's government has more power (in it's borders) than admins. We hope to develop a world where people's minds can explore, create, and enjoy! That is the goal.

To play on the serve you need to install our private modpack on the FTB Launcher. To do so type in the pack code: CivCraftFTB and launch the pack.

Server IP:

You may contact me at if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns.

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