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Electric Cow Incorperated, FeedTheBeast Survival w


I've been looking for a good server for a long time, as somebody who only vaguely knows what he is doing with Ultimate. Therefore, I just decided to make my own server.

Send applications to lelsporean @ gmail. com

I'll whitelist you based on how good your application is, and there is no form. Do what you will with your app. Cool builds? Essay on that one evil creeper you hate? All good ideas. The only requirement is it must have your in-game name within your application.

The players I am most likely to whitelist are those who seem mature to me. Not the kind of people who will spam chat, or swear constantly. Most people WILL get in. So, don't be afraid, sign up!

If you have issues, please email lelsporean @ gmail. com or ask Yayman1 on the server (that's me).

There are no other moderators at the moment. If the population grows big enough, I will choose moderators from the most active players.

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