This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Direwolf20 by Trent (1.18)


D20 by Trent - Direwolf20 1.18 Server

We try to provide the best and most enjoyable experience for our community.
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Server IP:

Server Features

• Stable Server
• Responsive Staff Members
• Active Community
• Fresh Map
• Vote Rewards
• No pay to win material

Note: Version 1.18.2 (v. 1.10.3) Direwolf20 Modpack is required to play.

We also have other servers available.

Stoneblock 3:

We hope to see you online!

Really cool the first ones who do everything correctly and don't put in any unnecessary things that break the mods
Posted 3rd Dec 2022
Great server. Everbody is helpfull.
Posted 25th Nov 2022
Staff is amazing and the server is powerful
Posted 22nd Nov 2022
Very fun server. Nice and interactive community. Staff does a very good job of helpng out. Owner listens to players when there is something wrong and works hard and fast to fix it.
Posted 22nd Nov 2022
Love this server, I hadn't played modded Minecraft in years and all other public servers I could find had loads of banned items and idiotic add-on's. This one is just wonderful! The owner, Trent, is a really nice guy and he's always working to better everybody's experience on the serve.
Posted 19th Nov 2022
By far the best server I've ever been on. While not the most abundant in staff, I can honestly say that there is no owner that cares more about the experience of its players than the owner of this server. I've never played this modpack, and yet the community is patient and kind about teaching me every aspect I'd like to know. There is no fast track to getting overpowered, but even with only a few hours to play on weekdays, I've found that I'm progressing at a rate faster than I thought I was capable of, and I'm having too much fun doing it. TL;DR 10/10 would recommend to anyone.
Posted 17th Nov 2022
I've never been one for FTB servers... too many banned items, unbearable lag, too many plugins that obscure the modpack itself, hundreds of players coming and going, and a dilapidated world as a result.

This server is different. It's a friendly community with very few banned items, close to no lag, and a minimal number of plugins, just the essentials to really enhance the FTB experience.

The owner truly cares about maintaining this server, and goes to great lengths to avoid limiting the players' gameplay. I get to do everything I would in my single player world, but on an awesome server!

Highly Recommend!
Posted 8th Nov 2022
Like the others said this is one of the best servers I have played in a long time. Bugs are fixed fast and Trent the owner will bend over backwards to help you out with any problems you may have.

I HIGHLY recommend you give this server a try!!!!

Posted 5th Nov 2022
One of the better servers I've played on in a long time. Bugs are found and fixed quickly, no map or chunk corruption, and the owner is a decent guy who is always open to suggestions.

Posted 3rd Nov 2022
This is a great, up and coming server to get in on the ground floor of. In less than 24 hours Trent had tons of familiar plugins and other protections set in place with additional infrastructure to benefit the community being actively developed.

Any concern that arises is quickly corrected. Staff are responsive to input and they take community suggestions and guidance seriously.

With Staff's past community management experience, I think this server can go far, but it's going to take more hands on deck and I hope you will join us! :)

You know you wanna- .. come on-... do it. Doooo itttttt.
Posted 1st Nov 2022