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All The Mods 8 - Version : 0.1.10 by


All The Mods 8 servers

Version : 0.1.10

We are a new server of the modpack ATM 8 and hope to see you here soon :) we would be very happy about it
but unfortunately, like every other server, we also have certain rules and banned items so as not to endanger your future buildings
and also hope that everyone sticks to building lag-free if you need help with certain moditems and co. just ask, we'll try
explaining it to each other is always best anyway and that's how you learn and if you haven't played a modpack then I think play
ATM 8 and get started :) there are tons of mods here that will keep you coming up with ideas

How do I find the modpack? -

Simply download the Curseforge Launcher and search for the modpack
All The Mods 8 and install it in one click and don't forget your memory in the launcher of
Set CurseForge

Server runs on a dedicated root server

NVME storage
1 Gbit connection

Small rule list:

Please always build server-friendly :)
Cheating and griefing is not allowed
For larger farms, please turn off when going offline
Not too close to players claiming/building without permission
No 1 chunk claims
Main spawn of portals : End/Nether/Twillight do not claim !
Always be nice to each other with Modpacks I think everyone needs help :)

Banned Items :

Complete Mod : Refined Storage
Infinite Drill
Bombs / Ice Bomb
Explosive Arrows

If you have any problems or questions, please contact an admin ingame, we will set up a discord server for you shortly
To help you with such things but please keep in mind we can't always be there but try our best to get to you quickly
to help

Got a whitelist and the Discord link is not working! Pls fix
Posted 31st Jan 2023