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AnnexedMc Network

AnnexedMc at its core is multiple Networks connecting together, with server genres ranging from Survival, to modded and everything in between.
To put it simply, "One place for all you can imagine, with limitless possibilities & endless options!"

Detailed Description

We're a team of Minecrafters just like yourself with a collective experience of 10+ years developing all sorts of content for Minecraft.
We came together to build a community that completely changes how Minecraft Networks are designed!
AnnexedMC is a passion project built out of love for the game, it's not some scummy network out for the money, nothing is pay to win, it never was and it never will be. We love Minecraft and playing on servers with others just like you do, so we built AnnexedMC as a space for players to share experiences that you will remember fondly forever. We would love to see you on our servers, and we will do anything to make sure your experience is amazing and wonderful no matter what kind of server or gameplay you're looking for!

Each Network consists of an assortment of servers and although we work together in maintaining them all, they have their own staff teams highly experienced in their servers operations to handle every situation as best as possible!

Serein Network
Serein houses the largest set of vanilla servers with the most up-to-date Minecraft, with multi-version support ranging from 1.8 to 1.17, and continues to keep supporting the latest version of Minecraft.
In Addition to this, serein assists managing & developing all vanilla-based networks that makeup AnnexedMc to assure that every server is unique in its experience and runs flawlessly. (We wouldn't want duplicate servers, that just silly)

Serein is also known for developing custom modpack servers which Nova Network manages to guarantee a well optimized and balanced modded experience along with providing the best support for players!

Nova Network
Nova is AnnexedMc's modded experts, well known for their Nova Academy modpack as it is home to many new modders who learned how to play with mods, it was designed to teach & to have a blast, from starting you with nothing to opening up a creative end game experience!
Nova manages & assists with developing all modded servers within AnnexedMc to assure that players' experiences are efficiently optimized and balanced to give players the best experience!

AnnexedMC's SMP & Semi-Anarchy servers, bringing players a true SMP experience Minecraft players have come to know and love.
With no grief protection or claiming implementations, players are free to play the game how they please without fear of getting banned!
SyntaxCraft contains a wide variety of plugin content such as, MineableSpawners, ChestShops, PvPStats, and many more, to create an experience that's unique from any SMP you've ever joined!

SyntaxCraft also has a FULL Anarchy server in the works with no protections, no game-changing plugins, no chat filters, no admin intervention, and no rules, a TRUE Anarchy gameplay!

AnnexedMc's Pixelmon host! They have one of the best Pixelmon servers around with many custom plugins, as well as a great staff team! They have a dedicated player base, full of friendly players for you to trade and battle with! If you play on this Pixelmon server we can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

AnnexedMc's Legacy Factions (1.8) & KOTH Kingdoms RPG server!
Legacy Factions also known as KemFactions has been updated to support all clients 1.8 through 1.17 while still providing players with a custom Minecraft 1.8 Combat system, with banks, quests, looting, and leaderboards.

Kingdoms is a world power RPG server, you build your kingdom, complete quests, slay your enemies, and strive to be at the top (King of the hill)!
Containing custom loot tables, eco, banks, quests, with an additional list of Quality of life player settings and tweaks giving the player a smooth, exciting kingdoms experience!

Servers & Information

Vanilla Server


  • Kingdom building survival server
  • Will you be the Kingdom that rules the world?
  • Eco, Kingdoms, kits, and more!


  • Minecraft Version 1.8+
  • Old School 1.8+ Factions server
  • Eco, Factions, etc!


  • Minecraft Version 1.16.5
  • A Skyblock Island Survival!
  • Eco, and more!


  • Minecraft Version 1.16.5
  • A golden pure survival server, for those who just want to play THE GAME the way it is!
  • Eco, and more!


  • Minecraft Version 1.16.5
  • Prison Survival, mines, and more!
  • Be the richest and earn the leaderboards

Modded Servers

Deadmans Hollow

  • Holloween-based server!
  • Survive the Nuclear wastelands and it's growing terrors while you rebuild society!

Comming Soon

  • SyntaxCraft - Vanilla
  • Creative - Vanilla
  • Scale - Heavily Modified Vanilla
  • Cronic - Heavily Modified Vanilla
  • New Mc Combat Factions
  • Pandermonium - Anarchy PvP
  • Nova Academy - Modded progression Pack
  • Pixelmon
  • Stone Legion RPG/MMO - Vanilla
  • Mini Games - Vanilla
Fun Servers Would Love To See More People To play But amazin start to a network complex!
Posted 13th Oct 2021