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SkyeMC Stone Block 2

pin_drop (private server)

Here at SkyeMC we aim to run our servers a bit different than the rest. Where most focus on the server itself or the profit they made, we try to put the player first. With our player base as the focus point, we want you to help us succeed. One way of doing this is making suggestions about what you want to see on our network, or how to change things.

Our first modded server is StoneBlock 2. We have a large staff team that is experienced in running StoneBlock 2 servers and can bring unique experiences for our players. Our staff will continue to improve themselves and the player experience to ensure you always feel welcome. We hope to provide the best experience possible!

SkyeMC is newly founded with staff from across the world. This ensures we have the best coverage possible to get issues resolved in a timely manner. With our years of experience in the vanilla and modded community, we aspire to provide high class servers for you to enjoy.

We hope to see you on our servers soon!
Always aim for the Skye!


Would love if you could add a discord or something so we can have faster updates about the server
The server replied:
Added a discord to the info page! thank you for your review hope to see you when we open!
Posted 23rd May 2020
This server is the best ive found so far the staff are very friendly and are always around for a good laugh and joke, the server they run is the best better than what i used to play on, hope they stay running and become the best of the best.
Posted 21st May 2020