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We are just hosting purely Sky Factory 3 as of right now, trying to create the best experience as possible. We try to keep the modpacks on the latest build, always!

We are a Minecraft Gaming Network. We choose to use a more simplistic approach to keep it true to the modpack. We have been making servers for a few years now so we know how to develop a successful server, and with this experience we will be able to make custom plugins as soon as possible. You have a unique idea that hasn't been implement? Let us know and it could be real.

We use discord, if you want to contact us, join our chat:

We are trying to custom code everything, but as of right now we are using an enjin website:
^This will be changed in the near future!

And since this is our first attempt at a sky factory we are looking for staff applicants! If you are knowledge about this modpack then feel free to apply for staff.
Hope to see ya on!

-Orion Network

The server has barely any bugs and the spawn is beautiful, It perfectly explains how to get stared it has a good connection and it is barely ever closed
Posted 30th Jun 2017
This server is ok. Its barely starting out so I can see why there are a few bugs but the staff is really cooperating. And it looks really customized. The environment is friendly and welcoming. But I can see how it does need some improvements. Much love to the server!
Posted 14th Apr 2017
1 guy made this server crash throughout an hour so no fun
Posted 13th Apr 2017