This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MindCraft: RP of the Future!

Server Spawn
Twilight Forest
High on a Mountain


Open yourself to the future of roleplaying! Almost anything is possible! Mindcraft is a roleplay encouraged FTB server.

We use Towny for area management and grief protection. If you do decide to work in the wilderness we also have LWC for locking chests and doors.
NOTE: LWC does not work on non-vanilla blocks.

We allow PvP and Raiding, which makes Towns and Nations much more enjoyable, as well as keeps hardcore PvPers on their toes!

We have a Donator Shop that is always being improved. Players can also earn in-game currency, named Vox, by voting for us here! We use a chat manager to lessen the strain on things you see. We have a global (OOC) chat, a world (Zone) chat, Recruiting chat, Trade chat and local (Speak/Shout) chats. You can join and leave any but the local chats at will to avoid distracting conversations.

Mumble Voice Server:

Plugin List:
Essentials, Towny, iConomy, Votifier, HeroChat, LWC, Sortal, ChestShop and MobileAdmin.
There are more, but most are addons or admin plugins. A full list can be found in-game.

Server Stats:
10 Gig RAM,
2 TB Bandwidth,
250 Gig SSD,
i7-2600 Processor.

Banned and Disabled List:
Philosopher's Stone,
Minium Stone,
Gravity Gun,
Arcane Worktable,
Canvas Bag,
Axe of the Stream,
Wands of Fire/Lightning/Equal Trade/Excavation/Frost,
Mining Laser,
Destruction Catalys,
Arcane Bore,

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