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[1.1.2]FTB Ultimate RippleCraft 24/7 PvP [Towny][M



FTB Ultimate is a SMP Mod pack that adds a bunch new features to minecraft like new block like machines,Armor,weapons and new world twilight which has a bunch of new mobs and bosses. You can get the FTB Launcher here is a quick video on how to get on the server via the launcher is a fairly new FTB Ultimate server we use Towny for protection and we also have Mcmmo. Come join the server and enjoy what FTB Ultimate has to offer with friends and others. We do have banned items check the list in game


No Griefing or Stealing
No asking for items or powers
No Trolling
Respect Everyone
Make sure your machines are well designed


Ripx666 Owner
Iamwin Admin
CrimsonInk Admin
Killindcity Admin

Banned Items

Chunk Loaders: CPU usage, Not banned for vip
Gravity Gun: Griefing tool.
Portal Gun: Griefing tool.
Mining Laser: Griefing tool.
Wand Of Excavation: Griefing tool.
Mystcraft Ages:
Arcane Bore:
Canvas Bag:
Portable Hole: Bypasses protection.
TNT and Nukes:
Quantum Armor
Canvas Bag


Chest Shop
Time is Money
World Guard
World border we have a 6500 world border

Server Info

Server Ip:
Teamspeak ip:
Server Website

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