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MCNSA is an established Feed the Beast Direwolf20 server where you can play without worry of being raided and choose whether or not to engage in PvP. We are a friendly group of regular, experienced players that are passionate about playing Minecraft. On the MCNSA server you will be a friend and not just another name on the tab list. Here we strive to keep our community friendly and inviting to ensure everyone is enjoying their time on MCNSA.

We have Grief-Prevention to protect your property. You will start out with 120 blocks to protect and attain a regular amount every hour that you play. For new members, You are not allowed to use /tpa, But after a short while, you will be promoted to the main player rank and be able to use it. There are minimal restrictions on our trusted players, you are free to do as you wish, whilst following our rules.

MCNSA Rules:

  1. Mutual PvP only (both players must agree to PvP)
  2. No stealing from your fellow players
  3. You are responsible for your account and its actions
  4. Be respectful towards other players

We have a few banned items; those that do not respect player claims. Mystcraft world generation has also been disabled, but with a subscription you are allowed you to have your own world.

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