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Towny|PVP| *WitchCraft* |LWC|No Lag|Horizons Modpa


First off, welcome to the world of WitchCraft and Wizardry. We hope out server provides a unique experience of the main magic mods along with the plugin towny. We have basic commands for you all to use, this will make your experience on our server fun but not OP.

To keep the server fun and replayable we will aim to do server events involving great bosses and dungeons for all to play, may you a novice or a master.

This is a brand new Horizons server with the major plugin "Towny", the mod is based around magic mainly so we thought towny would be the best plugin to go with as it allows wars on a huge scale. We feel that the magic battles between rival towns will be intense.

Player shops are a big thing on our server, we want them to be the main trading points. The admin shop will be there but it will be expensive, to stop people using it so much. This will hopefully influence people to buy from other players causing the economy to grow and thrive.

We have dedicated staff on our team which are on most of the time, they all love the modpack and are still enjoying the exploration of it. Most of us know a lot about the plugins involved in this pack and are ready to help those who need it. As this is still a new modpack we will all be working hard to stomp out bugs and glitches to make your experience better.

The server for the time being has absolutely no lag, if this changes then we will purchase larger servers to accommodate our larger player base.

As this is a new server we do need your support in keeping it up, so in due course we will be adding donation ranks and items.

Have fun and stay magical.

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