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pin_drop is a Direwolf20 server running both GregTech and Biomes o Plenty.
That part is sadly cause we didn't know about the issues between theese 2 mods.

However, we also run MCPC+ and have many bukkit plugins including Essentials and world guard.
We also have anti-cheat plugins to prevent flying and x-ray among other things.

We are as it is right now a all Swedish server but I wouldn't mind allowing mature international people.

We've been running Direwolf for about 3-4 weeks. And are looking for active players when most of them left when we decided to change from Unleashed.

We have a permission system and a bunch of nice benefits from VIP and higher ranks.
The money we get from the donations go straight to the server electric bill and upgrading the server. Since the server is private it's a bit cheaper for us to go big.

We are not using towny as it is right now, but we are however using plots somewhat to try and make more compact bases. We have 2 bases with free plots and a main city with plots for a small amount of ingame cash. In the city we also have the connection to out Digger world.
Mystcraft is sadly disabled cause of problems with ages getting corrupted, and we feel like multiverse works just as good for us.

We have lots of other neat features including bill boards and a basic train system to get between the bases.

We have pre-generated a square grid of 20k x 20k blocks. With the Digger world we feel like this is enough for now. We can however expand this if nessecary.

GravityGuns are also banned cause of easy exploits.

If you have any question or if I missed something please pm me and I will change the desctiption..

PS. Can't get the damn bots to lay of the forum, so untill I get the SMTP server running, you will have to PM a admin on the forum to be able to aply for whitelist.

We also have a free mumble server!

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