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★ IP:

★ ProjectOzone3 IP:
➤ Version: 3.1.51
★ ProjectOzone3 KAPPA IP:
➤ Version: 3.1.51
★ Stoneblock2 IP:
➤ Version: 1.16.1
★ Dungeons, Dragons & Space Shuttles IP:
➤ Version: 7.1a
★ Sky Factory 4 IP:
➤ Version: 4.1.0
★ MC Eternal IP:
➤ Version: 4.1.0
★ RLCraft:
➤ Version: 2.8.1

About Us
We're offering an amazing server experience with our extremely friendly staff members and stable servers. We are here to build a big modded Minecraft community and our goal is to be different from the other servers and keep the banned items as less as possible and take care of our players opinion, come join us and share your dankest memes with us, we're expecting you all!

D&D server pretty alright wishes there were more mods on, one of em doesn't seem to know how to answer anything and they are the one on the most
Posted 12th Mar 2020