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Dire Wolf Pack is a family friendly place to play.


I want to invite you to our Direwolf20 modpack server to play in a safe, family friendly environment. We created this server to allow people like us to play and not have to deal with the constant trolling and vulgarity that could be found on other servers. We are both parents and understand the need for a place where you can allow your children to play and trust they will not be exposed to adult content. We look at every child on the server in the way we look at our own as far as what we would allow and what would we not allow.

We have an extensive staff with specialties in all areas of the mod pack.
We offer economy, jobs, multiple homes, earned in game points that are used in the donation store for purchases and special events.
We will be having live streams with our events so people can watch that are not there.

  • An arena where pvp is allowed which will also hold tournaments.

  • Better grief prevention in place. Grief prevention is one of our top priorities, we feature a trust only entrance to your claim. So if someone tries to go onto your claim they get kicked directly back to spawn.

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