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ShiftedPlay Servers

pin_drop hosts 2 servers. For full details on our servers and community visit Our servers share the same ecomony, earn ingame credits how you like, and play how you like with our very different style servers. - a unique PVP Bukkit server

Server Features:
no whitelist - no agelimit
Full server market
Kill players for in game money
Towns can be formed by 2 allied clans & 2500 credits (ingame money)
You don't loose items when you die just credits.
Collect player's heads
and much more... - A Custom Private modpack FTB server

Server Features:
A Survival Immersion Server
Towny, iconomy, griefer tracking, chest shops & lockette.
PVP on
Starvation on (but hey there is food like everywhere, pick it off the trees if need be)
Monsters (ya not mobs, MONSTERS) we have 4 different creepers, spider moms and more
Server trade post - turn in gems (rubies, sapphires (green/blue), in for credits. You can then use those credits to purchase stacks of certain block types.
*Whitelisted - Application server visit to apply.

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