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Empyrean SkyFactory

Empyrean SkyFactory 2.5

One of Our Happy Players Cuddly_

One of Our Happy Players Cuddly_

This is one of our happy occupants islands.
Tutorial Area In Spawn

Tutorial Area In Spawn

Not sure how to play skyfactory well we have made a simply tutorial area that covers a wide variety of things
Top Ten And Donors

Top Ten And Donors

Wing in spawn that you can see who the top voters, donors and islands are. You can also join spleef here as well.
Freindly Staff

Freindly Staff

These are our current staff members and owners who volunteer there time to ensure you have a awesome time

To Be Auto Whitelisted

To apply simply head over to and register on our site and register your IGN with the site

We are currently a small but growing white listed community that is running SkyFactory 2.5 mod pack with a few added extras in the server to bring more fun to the players.

We have currently have available
3 Types of Spleef Arenas (Rewards are given more players bigger reward)
1 Mob Arena (More being added)
We plan to add more games and activities as time progresses, we do this to give players something more than just a skyblock and a way for everybody to have fun as a group.

What else is available?
Auctions for players
Small Server Shop
Points store
Ranks and More
Stretch Goals (when we reach a certain donation level we reward all the players on the server with some goodies)
Earn Points for being active in game and on the forum to spend in our web store
Vote Rewards

Who are the staff
Owners - Deimos161 and HighwayBanditt
Admins - Bubble0seven and Tyrobbb94
Moderators - Bhsnipes, BIGSMOKE425 and ElliotJames

Our staff are friendly and most times there is always somebody either in game our out of game to help.

Other Information
We currently have our own discord channel that is hooked into our minecraft server so you can hang out chat in or out of minecraft to all your friends.

To join our Discord Channel to get further information or to simply say gday -

Banned Items
Currently no banned items we feel restricting items unneeded takes away the fun of the game. But in saying that if we do come across something that is game breaking or causes an unfair advantage, or hurts the server performance we will ban those items.

How to apply
To apply simply head over to and register on our site and register your IGN with the site and you will be automatically whitelisted to the servers. If your not whitelisted within half an hour jump on discord and one of our friendly staff will assist you

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